We've teamed with some great companies and numerous government agencies since we opened the doors in 1946. Having worked with a wide range of clientele, from small local companies to national and international firms, we've become quite adept at designing facilities and infrastructure that meet the specific needs of the end user, whether a facility housing a highly-complex manufacturing process, a mom-and-pop retailer or a regional flood control structure. Because of our focus on the client, Pickering designs have regularly received award winning recognition throughout our existence. Over the last six decades, we've also helped numerous public sector agencies obtain the necessary funding to pursue important wastewater, roadway and utility improvement projects. And we continue to provide support to Gulf Coast counties in their efforts to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina.

Our client project portfolio highlights just a few of the clients with whom we've had the privilege to work and the projects we've completed. Please contact us at info@pickeringfirm.com if you'd like additional examples from our extensive collection of project overviews.